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Gloomy Thoughts in Late Winter

In Notes on February 18, 2017 at 9:48 am

Pre-dawn (photo: Josna Rege)

Still another month to go before Spring, though goodness knows I’m not wishing time away. There doesn’t seem to be the time or the leisure for Tell Me Another these days, with so many other pressing tasks taking precedence.

Perhaps, after nearly seven years, I’m done with TMA. Perhaps, come Summer, stories will begin to present themselves again; but just now everything seems stale. Perhaps, with nearly 400 stories set down in black and white, it’s time to stop looking backward and start living life more fully again. Then if, inshallah, I live to be an old woman, there will be new stories to tell.

Just now, the springs of renewal are buried deep. But there is not the luxury of simply waiting for Spring. The Earth is under attack, and all that we hold dear. If we fail to fight for them now, those life-giving waters may never return.

Of course looking backward has value; it reminds one of what is important, what one has learned, and what one must pass on. But with that pivot point, the Vernal Equinox, approaching, it is incumbent upon me to recover the balance I once had between action and repose. It’s both too late and much too soon to rest.

Tell Me Another (Contents to Date)

Chronological Table of Contents

Taking a break: bear with me

In Notes on November 29, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Much as I love writing Tell Me Another, I’ve decided to take a break from it for a while. Many other tasks are pressing themselves forward ever more insistently, and writing a new story on my blog, being the most enjoyable, ends up being the default selection on my To Do list, trumping (oh no, terrible word choice, given the current array of U.S. Presidential candidates) more urgent items. If TMA weren’t an option, would I turn to these other items more readily? Perhaps I’ll let you know when I find out. Wish me luck!

Thank you, dear readers, for our virtual community. Our conversations have been very important to me these past nearly-six years. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season. Until we meet again, let the storytelling continue!  J

P.S. In case you’re a new reader, I thought I’d leave you with a selection of my current personal favorites:

Lively Up Yourself

Hidden Places

His Master’s Voice

My Grandmother

Grandpa Victor and the Story of the Tomatoes

From a Railway Carriage

Sucking Lemons and Quoting Shaw

The Mango Room


Getting Out of Silver City

October Rains

Feasting or Fasting?

My Uncrowned Queens

Paharganj, January 1984


Slow: Salamander Crossing

Personal Space, Indian-Style

I once was lost (and wish I still were)

The Taste of Home

That Funny Accent

The Yogi of Beals Street

Get Me to the Church on Time

Just Empty your Mind

Watching the River Flow

In the Bleak Midwinter

Con Men, Card Sharks, and Playing a Different Game

Talkin’ ’bout My Generation

The Magic of Found Objects

The Iliad at Bedtime

¡Viva La Literatura!

Darn It!

No, It’s Not Political Incorrectness

Doing it Themselves

Correspondences and Convergence (“Chicks Can’t Dig!”)

Krishna’s Butterball

All the World’s a Stage

Against the Grain



Five Years!

In Notes on March 1, 2015 at 12:08 am


DSCN3436It was on February 28th, 2010 that I wrote my first story for what would become Tell Me Another at the instigation of my son, whose idea it was that I should start a blog and who set it all up for me. Here it still is, 300 stories later. Hardly a day has passed these five years when I haven’t enjoyed an exchange with a friend, a far-flung relation, or a hithertofore complete stranger, sparked by a story that struck a chord with them and prompted one  of their own. Wonderful things have happened as a result of sending these stories out into cyberspace like messages in a bottle (a nod to you, Bottledworder), including reconnecting with long-lost friends and family and enjoying members of the Indian and English branches of my family meeting cross-continentally, albeit virtually, through a conversation on the blog.

What do I have to say for myself? Honestly, I’m at a bit of a loss for words; perhaps I’ve used them all up. As for TMA, it is what it is, as my son would say in the zen-cryptic language so masterfully employed by him and his peers. And what is that? Again, I don’t know. It’s not quite a memoir, neither is it pure storytelling, nor is it a series of wise reflections befitting someone who has unaccountably attained my advanced age. The blog is a strange animal, and I suppose I’m discovering its possibilities and limitations as I go along. It’s an ungainly word that will never sound noble to my ears, but there’s no denying its pleasures.

I have my favorite TMA stories, but I would be delighted if you were moved to tell me yours. You can see the full list, both in the order in which I wrote them and the order in which the events unfolded, by clicking on the links below.

Thank you, dear Nikhil, and heartfelt thanks to all of you, especially my regular readers, who have commented on Tell Me Another.

Tell Me Another (Contents to Date)

Chronological Table of Contents


How Can I Keep from Singing?*

In Notes on September 2, 2013 at 10:03 pm
photo by Karl Hagen

photo by Karl Hagen

I hadn’t realized until I started listing all the TMA stories related in some way to music, how many of them, whether or not they are primarily “about” music, either mention one or more songs or take a song title as their own. In these stories, as in life, music is not something separate, it is essential. Just as I can’t help breaking into song whenever and wherever one wells up, so I can’t help songs entering my stories at will.

Here they are, then. Though I’ll be otherwise employed for the next few days, they’ll sing on.

13. Paradise Lost

18. Songlines

19. Lively Up Yourself

20. The Bay of Biscay and the Gully Gully Man

25. British TV, Fall of ‘63

34. His Master’s Voice

43. From a Railway Carriage

52. Himalaya

58. Southbound

64. Concert Collage

70. Party Pieces

72. Learnin’ the Blues

80. Who Are You?

85. St. Nicholas’ Day

87. Thanda Thanda Pani or, You Never Miss Your Water…

95. Sail On, Silver Girl

110. The Party

111. Strawberry-Picking Camp

119. Top of the Pops, 1968-69

126. Word Choice: Does it Matter?

127. Going Up the Country

130. Orwellian Jingles

139. Sealed with a Kiss

140. Music Alone Shall Live

142. Route 66

145. Just a little is enough

149.  Get Me to the Church on Time

157. The Day Mick Jagger Called

161. Watching the River Flow

166. In the Bleak Midwinter

171. Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron

174. Con Men, Card Sharks, and Playing a Different Game

178. Talkin’ ’bout My Generation

179. And he laughing said to me

182. Hot Cross Buns

185. Common Sense

189. Goodness Gracious Me!

196. Never No More

200. Roots, Rock, Reggae

202. Tennessee Stud

205. Weeping Willow

208. Zee, Zed, Go to Bed

212. ¡Viva La Literatura!

213. Censorship at Bedtime

214.  A Moment in Time

218. No Baby No Cry*

225. Audit Alert!

230. Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later than You Think)

235. December 5th, 2013

237. Turning Towards the Light

* Enya’s version of this song is hauntingly beautiful.

Summer Reading

In Notes on July 17, 2013 at 12:30 pm
(photo © Denis De Desmaeker via flickr)

(photo © Denis De Desmaeker via flickr)

Greetings from a heatwave in this part of the Northwest fringes of Planet Earth! Since I am in the throes of making a mega-batch of chickpea curry (see Cookbooks, Immigrants, and Improvisation) for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary party, and since Tell Me Another  has a number of new subscribers, I’m posting links to 25 earlier pieces that you might not have seen. New readers, you can also scroll through the stories by category at the bottom of TMA‘s homepage; here are stories related in some way to Music, for example, or to Immigration, or India. Apologies to those of you who have followed TMA from the beginning; I’ll be back in a few days.


Oh, and the first story is in honor of my parents’ anniversary.

Get Me to the Church on Time
Thanda Thanda Pani or, You Never Miss Your Water…
Pheasants and Apple Chutney
O, Oh, and the Wonderful O
Just Empty Your Mind
Con Men, Card Sharks, and Playing a Different Game
Balancing my Three Halves
Sighting in New Mexico
The Pagli and the Tramp
Tree Elf
Common Sense
What’s in a Name?
Life on the Low Wire
Censorship at Bedtime
Tennessee Stud
Jam Today
The Iliad at Bedtime
Watching the River Flow
At the Gates of Dawn

Tell Me Another (Contents to Date)

Chronological Table of Contents

History with a Small ‘h’

In Notes on June 6, 2013 at 1:02 pm

An esteemed reader (see her terrific epistolary fiction blog, undercovermole) has suggested that I add a History category to  Tell Me Another. Looking back, I realize that TMA has been about documenting history from the beginning—personal history, of course, but personal history as it has intersected with national and transnational cultural-political movements and flows of my lifetime. This is history with a small ‘h’, the cultural historians’ History from Below. It is history represented by many people’s stories rather than just one official narrative, as expressed beautifully by John Berger in his 1972 novel G: “Never again will a single story be told as though it’s the only one” (a quote used by Arundhati Roy as the epigraph to her 1997 novel The God of Small Things).

I once gave my first-year students an assignment to write a story in which their own personal history (with a small ‘h’) had intersected with national or international History (with a big ‘H’) or in which they or a member of their family had participated in making History. It was interesting how, initially, they all protested that their lives had never intersected with History, let alone risen to the significance of making it. And yet as we brainstormed, we found that not only had they or their families been shaped by major historical movements and events, but they had all shaped history in one way or another—in fact, collectively, they were History. In the end they produced a fascinating set of research papers—and, I hope, gained a feeling of empowerment.

In the same spirit, I’ve selected and annotated 50-odd TMA stories, listed here in the order I wrote them, that could fall into the broad category of h/History. Thank you, ‘Evangeline’!

10. Ghosts of New Boston

The Hurricane of 1938, Birch Hill Dam, New Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

13. Paradise Lost

1980s Scottish practice sites, low-flying planes, RAF, NATO (UK)

17. Chickens on the Pot

Evacuation to St. Albans, Second World War (UK)

20. The Bay of Biscay and the Gully Gully Man

P&O ocean liners, UK-India 1950s, Suez canal, gully-gully man

25. British TV, Fall of ‘63

British TV: adverts, The Beatles, Assassination of JFK, Dr. Who

29. Incident at the Donner Pass

Donner Pass 1977, Donner Party 1846, Living Love Center Berkeley (USA)

35. The Nation

Nation/nationalism 1960s, Tribals, land rights (India)

37. Grandpa Victor and the Story of the Tomatoes

Ukrainian immigration to New York, bringing tomatoes to the Old World, 1890s/early 1900s (USA/Ukraine)

42. The Times Tables

Old and new methods for learning the multiplication tables 1920s/1960s/1990s (India/USA)

43. From a Railway Carriage

Train travel in the 1960s, 1990s (India)

44. Greece in the 60s: Expats and Other Animals

Expatriate life in Athens, 1960s, Doxiadis (Greece)

46. My Ink-Smudged Youth

Writing with fountain pens, 1960s

53. Sucking Lemons and Quoting Shaw

My parents in 1930s London, 1930s/1940s India

61. Burma-Shave Signs

Anti-nuclear protest, 1970s (USA)

62. Regulation Underwear

Educational reform, primary schools 1960s (UK)

63. Secrecy and Velvet Bugs

Communication, pre-electronic media, 1960s (India)

70. Party Pieces

Self-entertainment vs. goggling the TV (UK/India/US)

74. Three Towers, Three Coincidences

Remembering World Trade Center Attacks, 9/11/01 (USA)

75. The Long Journey

Traveling to Ratnagiri, 1950s/1960s (India)

79. Baths, Bathing, and Hot Water Bottles

Cultural history of baths & bathing (UK/India)

84. Feasting or Fasting?

November 26, 1970, Native American National Day of Mourning, Thanksgiving (USA)

87. Thanda Thanda Pani or, You Never Miss Your Water…

Daily rituals, water use, 1960s/1990s (India)

88. Sisters, Pick Up Your Sisters

Women’s Movement, hitchhiking, 1970s (USA)

92. Cookbooks, Immigrants, and Improvisation

Indian Americans, Indian immigrants, 1970s (USA)

94. My Uncrowned Queens

Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation, 1953, Royal Weddings 1981, 2011 (UK)

99. Paharganj, January 1984

1984 massacre of Sikhs, Delhi (India)

101. The Japan Syndrome

Fukushima 2011, Chernobyl 1986, Three Mile Island 1979, Vermont Yankee 2011 (Japan/Ukraine/USA)

102. No Nuclear News

Anti-nuclear movement 1970s/1980s (USA)

109 Hindi Lessons

Hindi, post-Independence (India)

111. Strawberry-Picking Camp

Student farm camp, NUS 1940s (UK)

112. Хоттабыч in India

Russian books in India, 1960s (India)

113. Riding Like the Wind

Bicycles & bicycle culture, 1950s/1960s (India)

114. Food for People, Not for Profit

The Food Cooperative Movement, 1970s (USA)

115. An Immigrant’s Reflections on Independence Day (G)

Meanings and practice of Independence Day, Indian, Indian American, American 1960s/1980s/2010s (India/USA)

119. Top of the Pops, 1968-69

Top of the Pops, BBC television, pop music charts,1960s (UK)

125. My Autograph Book

Autograph books, history and use, 1960s (India/UK)

127. Going Up the Country

Back-to-the-land movement 1970s/1980s (USA)

131. Across the Miles

Declining practice of sending Christmas/New Year cards, 1960s, 2010s (India/UK/USA)

133. So Many Things Have Disappeared

Disappearing cultural practices, trades, institutions 1930s/1960s/1990s (India)

134. Darshan, or You Never Can Tell

Fonteyn & Nureyev, Athens 1962, Halley’s Comet 1986, Edward Said 1999 (Greece/USA)

136. The Shame of Self-Censorship

Dangerous Reading, Harry Potter, The Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie, 1980s/1990s/2010s (UK/USA, India)

137. A Victorian Frame of Mind

Old-school pedagogy, 1970s (USA)

139. Sealed with a Kiss

Changing practices, Valentine’s Day, 1960s/1990s (India/Greece/USA)

141. The Yogi of Beals Street

Yoga, Indian immigrant, 1970s (USA)

142. Route 66

Traveling that historic route 1970s, 2000s (USA)

148. Avoiding the Plague

Plague outbreak Ratnagiri 1939/40, Vaccination, diphtheria, smallpox, polio (India/UK/USA/Greece)

160. Dogfight

Indo-Pak War of 1967 (India)

170. Sighting in New Mexico

UFOs, Roswell Incident 1947, Area 51, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Stealth Bomber 1970s (USA)

174. Con Men, Card Sharks, and Playing a Different Game

Con-men, Richard Canfield, The Sting, Paul Newman and Robert Redford (USA)

178. Talkin’ ’bout My Generation

Culture, values of 1950s-born generation (India/UK/USA)

180. The Magic of Found Objects

Bicentennial of American Revolution, People’s Bicentennial Commission, Concord 1976 (USA)

186. Drive-ins

Culture, decline of an institution 1970s/1980s/2000s (USA)

189. Goodness Gracious Me!

British Asian community, TV comedy, 1990s (UK)

192. Jam Today

Anti-nuclear movement, 1970s/1980s (USA)

198. The Post Office

Efficiency, importance, defunding, and decline of the Post Office 19th Century, 1950s/1960s/1980s/2010s (UK/USA)

200. Roots, Rock, Reggae

The rise of reggae music, 1960s/1970s (UK/USA)

212. ¡Viva La Literatura! (G)

Mexico Olympics, Tlatelolco Massacre (October 2, 1968), Black Power Salute/Human Rights Protest, 1968 Olympics, Howl Festival, New York (Mexico/USA/UK)

233. Rest In Peace, Doris Lessing (G)

235. December 5th, 2013 (G)

Remembering the global influence of Nelson Mandela on the sad occasion of his death

240. Heaven’s Gate: Two Degrees of Separation (G)

242. Gratitude (G)
On hearing of Pete Seeger’s death

243. On Making Things Up (G)

246. On Not Knowing the Signs (G)

259. London without Lily (G)

260. Monuments (G)

267. U and Non-U (G)
A visit to Sandringham

284. Step by Step (G)

  1. Stone Root Lane (G)

298. On TP Rolls and Responsibility (G)

337. Lessons from a Historian (G)

343. European Border Crossings (G)

A New Kind of TMA Story?

In Notes on May 28, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Looking back on more than three years of Tell Me Another, I see that the stories I tell are all over the place (rather like me in that respect). There are, of course, stories based in particular places, stories about people, family, childhood, parenting, stories about food, books and music, words and language, about immigrants, migration, and cross-cultural communication, about the people I love and the principles I hold dear.

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a growing genre of TMA pieces that reflect on a theme or a concept and that are perhaps a bit more didactic. I say “perhaps” because I tend to hold strong opinions, so there is the danger, when a piece is only tenuously linked to a specific story from my life, that it will become overly didactic. Nevertheless, prompted by friends’ suggestions, I’m wondering whether some of these pieces might be the starting point for a new kind of Tell Me Another—one that employs storytelling to explore some of my scholarly interests in a more engaging and accessible language and style than a lot of academic writing.

Below, in reverse chronological order, are some of the already-written TMA stories that may point in this new direction. Some are more closely linked to personal stories than others, some strongly express my own opinions, but all of them include an element of reflection on a particular topic or theme.

206. Xenophobia

199. Quest

192. Jam Today

185. Common Sense

178. Talkin’ ’bout My Generation

163. Servants, or Cleaning My Own D*** House!

160. Dogfight (G)

159. Ordinary People

145. Just a little is enough

143. Waste Not, Want Not

138. Learning How (Not) to See

134. Darshan, or You Never Can Tell

136. The Shame of Self-Censorship

124. A Meditation on Money

123. That Funny Accent

122. The Land of the Free—Really?

118. Racist Bracist

115. An Immigrant’s Reflections on Independence Day

102. No Nuclear News

101. The Japan Syndrome

99. Paharganj, January 1984

88. Sisters, Pick Up Your Sisters

84. Feasting or Fasting?

58. Southbound

35. The Nation

Tell Me Another (Contents to Date)

Chronological Table of Contents

Chronological Table of Contents

In Notes on December 17, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Tell Me Another now includes 401 stories and has logged more than 160,000 page views from 165 different countries. I’ve been writing and posting the stories in a random order as they occur to me, and you can read them in that order in Contents to Date, but I thought I’d make a new table of contents with the stories listed in a loosely chronological order, starting with stories told to me of times before my birth and some of my earliest memories.
53. Sucking Lemons and Quoting Shaw (G)

36. My Grandmother

70. Party Pieces (G)

33. A Nice Bit of Spanish (G)

17. Chickens on the Pot

111. Strawberry-Picking Camp (G)

94. My Uncrowned Queens (G)

133. So Many Things Have Disappeared (G)

148. Avoiding the Plague (G)

149.  Get Me to the Church on Time (G)

20. The Bay of Biscay and the Gully Gully Man (G)

26. Dolls I Have Loved (and Lost) (G)

207. The Yonghy-Bonghy-Bò (G)

75. The Long Journey (G)

43. From a Railway Carriage (G)

18. Songlines

44. Greece in the 60s: Expats and Other Animals (G)

96. Learning to Swim (G)

34. His Master’s Voice (G)

104. Untangling (G)

11. The Napkin Collection

251. Deutschland (or Germany?) (G)

120. I once was lost (and wish I still were) (G)

138. Learning How (Not) to See (G)

81. St. Catherine’s and Miss Tutte (G)

134. Darshan, or You Never Can Tell (G)

45. A Macabre Imagination?

107. Kalo Paska (G)

59. Childhood Scars

378. Xýpna / Ξύπνα (G)

62. Regulation Underwear (G)

25. British TV, Fall of ‘63 (G)

32. My Wrestling Career

109 Hindi Lessons (G)

7. The Comic Shed (G)

112. Хоттабыч in India (G)

190. Hobson-Jobson (G)

113. Riding Like the Wind (G)

12. Following the Elephant Spoor

146. Life on the Low Wire (G)

28. Pre-dawn Adventures (G)

147. Hollyhocks and Hornworms (G)

16. Tree Elf

63. Secrecy and Velvet Bugs (G)

187. Emil and the Detectives (G)

188. Finn Family Moomintroll (G)

49. Making Sense of the Movies (G)

35. The Nation (G)

160. Dogfight (G)

167. Diary-keeping (G)

46. My Ink-Smudged Youth (G)

48. Jaggery Coconut, Nectar of the Gods (G)

143. Waste Not, Want Not (G)

68. Frittered!

71. Simply Paying Attention

24. Hidden Places (G)

52. Himalaya (G)

38. Study Halls and Cinchona (G)

206. Xenophobia (G)

60. Cod-Liver Oil and Malt (G)

27. Rumpelstiltskin (G)

54. Flash

119. Top of the Pops, 1968-69 (G)

67. Fiasco on the 715 (G)

47. The Paper Round (G)

168. The Fast-Wind Backwards (G)

125. My Autograph Book (G)

83. A Clear, Cold New England Day

95. Sail On, Silver Girl

6. Morse’s Supermarket

214.  A Moment in Time (G)

215. Remembering Mrs. Metzger (G)

84. Feasting or Fasting? (G)

310. Godine (G)

246. On Not Knowing the Signs (G)

4. The Tree House (G)

8. Bad Role Model

238. The Diabolical Idea of the Sale (G)

162. “Heuch, Heuch!” (and other family lingo) (G)

92. Cookbooks, Immigrants, and Improvisation (G)

141. The Yogi of Beals Street (G)

181. The Silver Hairpin (G)

40. send my roots rain (G)

179. And he laughing said to me (G)

137. A Victorian Frame of Mind (G)

31. Gas-Station Shirts (G)

89. Make Love, Not Clockwork Devil-Doggery (G)

88. Sisters, Pick Up Your Sisters (G)

163. Servants, or Cleaning My Own D*** House! (G)

55. Quick-Change Artist

57. Toughening Up

3. The Horn Player in the Cupboard (G)

164. Pheasants and Apple Chutney (G)

5. Idolizing Princess Anne (G)

347. Free Speech: Goodbye to All That? (G)

41. Eating for Four (G)

155. Saving my Bacon (G)

39. Two at a Time (G)

110. The Party (G)

1. Letting Go of the Clutch (G)

142. Route 66 (G)

23. Brackish Water and Cherry Soda (G)

158. The Pagli and the Tramp

234. “Ah, bitter chill it was!” (G)

144. The Blab-Off (G)

151. Correspondences and Convergence (“Chicks Can’t Dig!”) (G)

344. Tropical Botanicals (G)

157. The Day Mick Jagger Called (G)

72. Learnin’ the Blues (G)

135. Doris Lessing and Me (G)

14. Everett the Ice Man (G)

150. The Phenomenon (G)

159. Ordinary People (G)

22. Mushrooming and Berry-Picking (G)

  1. Pre-dawn Raga (G)
  1. Stone Root Lane (G)

2. The Leather Welding Jacket

114. Food for People , Not for Profit (G)

29. Incident at the Donner Pass (G)

284. Step by Step (G)

337. Lessons from a Historian (G)

116. Medicinal Herbs (G)

200. Roots, Rock, Reggae (G)

37. Grandpa Victor and the Story of the Tomatoes

128. The Kurta Joke (G)

170. Sighting in New Mexico (G)

30. Land of Enchantment (G)

  1. Not So Posh (G)

221. Dressing for Others (G)

102. No Nuclear News (G)

61. Burma-Shave Signs (G)

9. The Golden Boy

335. Are you Black or White? (G)

  1. On TP Rolls and Responsibility (G)

192. Jam Today (G)

82. What’s Your Bag? (G)

313. Job Printers (G)

  1. Whetstone Press (G)
  1. Of Matrices, Magazines, and Melting Pots (G)

127. Going Up the Country (G)

69. Wonders in the Woods (G)

10. Ghosts of New Boston (G)

108. Climb Over the Wall! (G)

99. Paharganj, January 1984

21. The Highlanders (G)

384. Auntie Bette’s Litmus Test (G)

165. What’s in a Name? (G)

152. No Swaddling, Please! (G)

77. The Tea Tasting (G)

218. No Baby No Cry* (G)

86. Bottled Sunshine (G)

13. Paradise Lost

65. Curb Your Enthusiasm: A Bedtime Story (G)

224. Play-Acting (G)

208. Zee, Zed, Go to Bed (G)

177. The Sugar Snow (G)

  1. Without Whom (G)

186. Drive-ins (G)

180. The Magic of Found Objects (G)

197. O, Oh, and the Wonderful O (G)

  1. Reaganomics 101 (G)

176. The Haircut (G)

185. Common Sense (G)

50. Learning How to Fold

(G) 252. In the Eurozone

(G) 42. The Times Tables (G)

91. Tunneling (G)

191. The Iliad at Bedtime (G)

213. Censorship at Bedtime (G)

201. Screaming Women (G)

161. Watching the River Flow (G)

232. Before Interstates, Before Automobiles (G)

199. Quest (G)

240. Heaven’s Gate: Two Degrees of Separation (G)

19. Lively Up Yourself (G)

85. St. Nicholas’ Day (G)

100. My American Epiphany

174. Con Men, Card Sharks, and Playing a Different Game (G)

139. Sealed with a Kiss (G)

118. Racist Bracist (G) 1

5. Humans—What a Bummer! (G)

227. The Commanding Self (G)

80. Who Are You? (G)

64. Concert Collage (G)

140 Music Alone Shall Live (G)

145. Just a little is enough. (G)

117. Personal Space, Indian-Style (G)

87. Thanda Thanda Pani or, You Never Miss Your Water… (G)

225. Audit Alert! (G)

76. Say it Again (G)

222. Dropping In (G)

79. Baths, Bathing, and Hot Water Bottles (G)

194. London, My London (G)

189. Goodness Gracious Me! (G)

103. Holi, Water Play, Rites of Spring (G)

301. Babysitting (G)

98. Oral Culture (so to speak) (G)

58. Southbound

90. “Almost a Dude” (G)

73. Trouble (G)

51. Getting Out of Silver City (G)

93. Snowed In (G)

97. Sick in Bed (G)

129. Good Morning, Rainy Day (G)

132. My Muddle (G)

130. Orwellian Jingles (G)

203. Ultra (G)

105. My Garden of Forking Paths (G)

247. Gauri Deshpande: A Distinctive Voice (G)

205. Weeping Willow (G)

282. It’s Only Temporary (G)

126. Word Choice: Does it Matter? (G)

74. Three Towers, Three Coincidences

101. The Japan Syndrome (G)

271. Yellowcake and other Euphemisms (G)

122. The Land of the Free—Really? (G)

124. A Meditation on Money (G)

241. People, not Personalities (G)

270. The Challenge of X (G)

243. On Making Things Up (G)

242. Gratitude (G)

136. The Shame of Self-Censorship (G)

56. International Arrivals (G)

123. That Funny Accent (G)

211. Bad Behavior on the Bus (G)

115. An Immigrant’s Reflections on Independence Day (G)

66. The Mango Room (G)

131. Across the Miles (G)

198. The Post Office (G)

153. Piecing It All Together (G)

156. Just Empty your Mind

175. Make It So! (G)

154. Saraswati and Sari-wearing (G)

121. The Taste of Home (G)

245. Welcome Home (G)

273. Everyday Use (G)

106. Slow: Salamander Crossing (G)

209. Retreat (G)

202. Tennessee Stud (G)

78. October Rains (G)

166. In the Bleak Midwinter (G)

169.  At the Gates of Dawn (G)

287. Anywhere, anywhere (G)

217. Regularity (G)

171. Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron (G)

229. The Saga of the Sage-Green Couch (G)

223. Darn It! (G)

244. A Chip off the Old Block? If Only. (G)

172. Balancing My Three Halves (G)

173. Multi-Timing (G)

178. Talkin’ ’bout My Generation (G)

303. Use Proper English You’re Regarded as a Freak* (G)

182. Hot Cross Buns (G)

204. Victory V’s (G)

183. Autoantonyms (G)

184. Brevity (G)

193. Kindling (G)

195.  Marathon (G)

196. Never No More (G)

210. The Potters’ Tale (G)

212. ¡Viva La Literatura! (G)

216. The Third Age

219. Palimpsest (G)

236. Living Language: Changing, Impure (G)

220. How’s Your GK? (G)

226. Consider the lilies of the field (G)

288. Bless Them (G)

228. The Mistress-Servant Relationship (G)

239. No, It’s Not Political Incorrectness (G)

230. Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later than You Think) (G)

231. Festivals of Light (G)

233. Rest In Peace, Doris Lessing (G)

235. December 5th, 2013 (G)

237. Turning Towards the Light (G)

274. In the Dark

248. Air Travel (G)

249. Baggage (G)

250. Culture (G)

253. Food, Bremen-style (G)

254. (On not knowing) German (G)

255. Holidays (G)

256. Interior Design (G)

257. (Leaving on a) Jet Plane (G)

258. Kuchen (G)

260. Monuments (G)

269. Walls (G)

259. London without Lily (G)

261. Nostalgia (G)

262. Oh, to be in England (G)

263. Quiet (G)

264. Railways, Real and Imagined (G)

265. Swagmen (G)

266. Tea (G) 267. U and Non-U (G)

268. Variations, Variety, Vocab (G)

272. Zindagi (G)

275. Doing it Themselves (G)

276. India: Day 5 (G)

277. Waiting for Some Time (G)

278. Going Back, Coming Home (G)

279. Raking, or In Praise of Puttering (G)

280. My Love Affair with Penguins (G)

281. Invasion of the Potato Beetles (G)

283. Categories or Continuums? (G)

285. Sometimes a Coincidence (G)

286. Foxfire (G)

287. Anywhere, anywhere (G)

289. Only So Much (G)

290. Krishna’s Butterball (G)

292. No Returns (G)

293. All the World’s a Stage (G)

295. Changes (G)

  1. The Hundred-Foot Journey after Charlie Hebdo (G)

297. Metamorphosis? (G)

  1. Time Travel (Birthdays and Birthday Books) (G)

300. Mistrusting My Inner Voice (G)

  1. Brooding* (G)

304. Against the Grain (G)

305. Bed (G)

306. Composition (G)

307. Deadline (G)

308. Ems, Ens, and Endpapers (G)

309. Folding, Flying, Bleeding, Pieing. . . (G)

311. The Hogarth Press (G)

312. Impression/Imposition (Kiss or Bite?) (G)

314. Kern(ing) (G)

315. Ligatures (G)

317. The Nick (G)

318. Out of Sorts (G)

  1. (Mind your) p’s and q’s
  1. Quoin that Phrase (G)

321.  Recto (G)

322. Stereotyping (G)

323. Tympan and Times Roman (G)

324. Upper Case (and lower case) (G)

  1. Verso (G)

327. x-Height (G)

328. Yellow Journalism (G)

329. Zapf, Zubaan, Zinc-etching, Zzzzz . . . (G)

  1. Ruth Rendell: Dead-On (G)
  1. No Rush (G)
  1. Lost in the Supermarket (G)

333. Like Some Forgotten Dream (G)

334. Rockers (G)

  1. Time’s Wingèd Chariot (G)

338. Self-doubt (G)

  1. It’s the Way That You Do It (G)

340. Coastal Connections (G)

  1. Unexpected Fruit (G)

342. Inscriptions (G)

  1. European Border Crossings (G)

346. Keeping Up with The Times (G)

  1. On Tap (G)
  1. A Chair for My Mother (G)

350. Lest We Forget (G)

351. Slow Food from Way Back (G)

352. Parents Modeling Manners (G)

353. Solapuris (G)

354. The Pursuit of Happiness (G)

  1. Accomplishment (G)
  1. Bookshops (G)
  1. The Guardian (G)
  1. Henion’s (G)
  1. India (G)
  1. Jai Jagat! (G)
  1. Kindred (G)
  1. Lemons and Limes (G)
  1. Movement (G)
  1. Night (G)
  1. the Outdoors (G)
  1. Quirks (G)
  1. Real Country (G)

373. Singing (G)

374. Thrift Stores (G)

375. Unions (G)

376. Verandas (G)

377. Writing (G)

379. Young People (G)

380. Zoe

381. Cousin Mischa (G)

  1. What’s Wrong with “Oriental”? (G)
  1. It’s a Process (G)

385. On Two Girls Running (G)

386. When the Law Breaks the Law (G)

  1. It Wants To Be Found (G)

389. Exposing Whose Perversity? (G)

390. When You’re Pulled Over (G)

391.  buying up the whole store (G)

  1. Pecking Order (G)

393. Flying those Flags (G)

394. Scattergram, Spring 2017 (G)

395. “Oh, Rob!” (G)

396. Missing Ted (G)

397. Why Should Not Old Women Be Mad? (G)

398. This day . . . (G)

399. East of What? (G)

  1. Why Pay those Union Dues? (G)

401. More Than Enough (G)

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