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507. Marking Time

In Aging, Nature, reflections, Stories, Teaching on January 23, 2022 at 11:39 pm

As this Spring semester of 2022 gets underway, every day is necessarily going to bring a succession of ‘lasts’, each one unnecessarily freighted with significance. For I have made the decision to retire. Never having believed in counting down the days before, I hardly know whether I dread getting to the last ‘last’ or whether I can’t wait. My last first day of classes is already history, and already I’ve found myself thinking about the very last meeting of my very last class. Will I tell the students and bring in Indian sweets to share? Or just slip quietly out and away? Can’t allow myself to think about it now.

But when all the ‘lasts’ are behind me, when the inevitable tears of sadness and relief have flowed, I hope there will be a period of blessèd emptiness—before this overactive mind of mine starts in on the ‘nexts.’  

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