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199. Quest

In Stories on May 16, 2021 at 9:59 pm

Tell Me Another

The Destruction of Sennacherib by Gustav Dore (

For centuries human beings, armed and dangerous, have taken to the roads and seas, setting out for distant lands in search of riches, precious commodities that they can rob and pillage through trickery and violence, and bear back home as their own. They have subjugated the people whose wealth they have appropriated and sought to convince them—and themselves—that divine Providence, not all-too-human Greed, wields their sword. Their goal, as they swoop down like a plague on their unsuspecting victims, is conquest.

Lao Tzu with disciple ( Lao Tzu with disciple (

But there’s another urge that has impelled the wanderers of the world to its four corners. This impulse is quickened by a desire to meet and mingle with fellow human beings different from themselves, a love of beauty, an ever-renewed sense of wonder. Their goal is not to despoil, to enslave men to toil, to plant their flags in foreign soil. Their…

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  1. Hari OM
    Dear Josna – for a while there I thought I had lost you! After the A-Z my links didn’t all transfer as I had planned. Here I am again, though and delighted to find this post favouring Quest over Conquest. Sadly, I think even within countries now we see rather too much of the latter – sometimes couched in terms of the former, thus giving a poor name to such endeavour. (I am so saddened by the political state of India just now – but the world as a whole isn’t too healthy that way!)

    At least here in Blogland we can travel without borders or passports and share at our ease and for this I hugely grateful. YAM xx

    • Dear YAM, It’s good to receive a message from you again. I’d lost touch with your blog, too, the rest of life having taken over back in April. I’ve only managed to write two new posts since then, but hearing from you reminded me how much I crave writing and miss the traveling. Looking forward to getting back to writing this summer and to returning to visit you.

      Thanks too for your lovely response to “Quest;” I share your sorrow over the politics of conquest and your gratitude for the unrestricted travel that blogging enables. (BTW, do you know George Harrison’s song, “The Inner Light”?)

      Cheers, J

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