Josna Rege

Gloomy Thoughts in Late Winter

In Notes on February 18, 2017 at 9:48 am

Pre-dawn (photo: Josna Rege)

Still another month to go before Spring, though goodness knows I’m not wishing time away. There doesn’t seem to be the time or the leisure for Tell Me Another these days, with so many other pressing tasks taking precedence.

Perhaps, after nearly seven years, I’m done with TMA. Perhaps, come Summer, stories will begin to present themselves again; but just now everything seems stale. Perhaps, with nearly 400 stories set down in black and white, it’s time to stop looking backward and start living life more fully again. Then if, inshallah, I live to be an old woman, there will be new stories to tell.

Just now, the springs of renewal are buried deep. But there is not the luxury of simply waiting for Spring. The Earth is under attack, and all that we hold dear. If we fail to fight for them now, those life-giving waters may never return.

Of course looking backward has value; it reminds one of what is important, what one has learned, and what one must pass on. But with that pivot point, the Vernal Equinox, approaching, it is incumbent upon me to recover the balance I once had between action and repose. It’s both too late and much too soon to rest.

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  1. Well, feeling rather gloomy myself, I decided to start finding out about what I would need to know to start quilting! I have a good friend whose whole house is full of her stunning quilts and she is so inspiring that I thought I might have a go.
    My time being my own these days, I think quilting might be right up my alley. Perhaps that is what I need to get these doldrums out of my head and heart.
    I’m not really that depressed, just watching too much TV news. Got to get away from that and make a few new friends and support those who are able to get up and resist and protest what is going on in our country. We need to get it back, but first we need to cheer up and realize that we are a good country full of interesting and unusual people. Time to appreciate that, Mr.
    President, instead of whining about our free press!!

  2. It seems to be a time when we find it difficult to carry on with what we once did. All is changing, and not for the better.
    It makes us wonder if what we are doing has any point. Will what we say make anything better. What lies ahead. My own blog has lain idle for months now as I have been unable to summon up the energy for it.
    The world is in a state of uncertainty, of fear and of despair. And at times, so am I.
    I must get back to what is important – to love, real life, my family, my friends, myself and my well-being; to truth and to hope.

  3. These are indeed very difficult times. Finding the balance between action and repose is key. What does ‘action’ mean? Is it being busy, having too much to do, being overly obsessed with today’s news? All of the above? And what about repose? Having a good night’s sleep? Watching a favorite tv series? Zoning out?

    It seems to me that it’s especially important now to step back, honor where we are and take some breaths toward clarity. What’s making us gloomy won’t go away, but our relationship to it, and to ourselves, can change. For me yoga practices are key. They help me find clarity, my own center, in the midst of much gloom and many challenges. I hope they will help you as well, Josna.


  4. Sending light and prayers your way Josna ji. Hopefully things turn brighter soon. I want you to know that I have always loved reading your posts and at a spiritual level find great comfort and warmth in reading a lot of your posts.

    All the very best as always.


    • Thank you so much, Mahesh, for your kind and encouraging words. Forgive me, I was just feeling a little sorry for myself and indulged that self-pity in my blog, rather than writing my usual more upbeat story or reflective piece. I derive a lot of comfort and warmth from being in touch—albeit virtually—with readers like you. Thanks again–feeling better already!

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