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Amrita Pritam, 1919-2005 (

Amrita Pritam, 1919-2005 (

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WSometimes you just have to get it down, even if your heart isn’t in it. Sometimes the words lie down and play dead and you can’t lift them off the page, let alone make them soar. Or they put their ears back and refuse to cooperate—with each other, let alone with you. The gap between what is and what you once saw clearly—alas, fleetingly—in your mind’s eye is too great. All you can see is an eternity of revisions, futile because the end product only seems to get worse with each successive one.

If you step back, you may see that the work is in fact getting better all the time, but you will not allow yourself to see it. Perversely, you insist that the whole thing is tiresome, tedious, a total waste of time. Strewn about like a broken string of beads, your writing doesn’t hold together. But once mended, it looks seamless, a necklace adorning the Goddess of Language; or is it clasping her by the throat?

Writing is a process, I tell my students piously; trust it, and it will take you there. But if truth be told, the word “process” papers over a world of pain. It is a torment from which I perpetually flee yet to which I am drawn back time and again, with fascination and yes, with joy. Those words that play dead? Play is the operative word. Tease them, tickle them into life. The sulkers? Caress and cajole them into your corner. Keep your eye on that fleeting vision of perfection, for without it, you have nothing. All evidence to the contrary, writing brings me joy.

And now, I must press Publish or else I will press Delete.

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  1. So glad you pressed publish.
    I’m drooling over this sparkling piece of writing. Awestruck, I write this response–painfully aware of my limited writing prowess.
    “But once mended, it looks seamless; a necklace adorning the Goddess of Language; or it is clasping her by the throat?” made me chuckle.
    Best thing I’ve read this week. Thank you Josna.

  2. Tantalising piece.Beautiful lyrical peek into the eyes and mind of the writer then skipping quickly around the core melody of the professional domain because the telling is so deep and wide that this time and place would not allow full justice to be given to your intense relationship with writing.Your writing is so beautiful and comfortable to read, so much feeling in such sweet prose. I believe there is more to be revealed on this subject,when the time and space is right.

  3. Love it! You are so right. 🙂

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