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Taking a break: bear with me

In Notes on November 29, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Much as I love writing Tell Me Another, I’ve decided to take a break from it for a while. Many other tasks are pressing themselves forward ever more insistently, and writing a new story on my blog, being the most enjoyable, ends up being the default selection on my To Do list, trumping (oh no, terrible word choice, given the current array of U.S. Presidential candidates) more urgent items. If TMA weren’t an option, would I turn to these other items more readily? Perhaps I’ll let you know when I find out. Wish me luck!

Thank you, dear readers, for our virtual community. Our conversations have been very important to me these past nearly-six years. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season. Until we meet again, let the storytelling continue!  J

P.S. In case you’re a new reader, I thought I’d leave you with a selection of my current personal favorites:

Lively Up Yourself

Hidden Places

His Master’s Voice

My Grandmother

Grandpa Victor and the Story of the Tomatoes

From a Railway Carriage

Sucking Lemons and Quoting Shaw

The Mango Room


Getting Out of Silver City

October Rains

Feasting or Fasting?

My Uncrowned Queens

Paharganj, January 1984


Slow: Salamander Crossing

Personal Space, Indian-Style

I once was lost (and wish I still were)

The Taste of Home

That Funny Accent

The Yogi of Beals Street

Get Me to the Church on Time

Just Empty your Mind

Watching the River Flow

In the Bleak Midwinter

Con Men, Card Sharks, and Playing a Different Game

Talkin’ ’bout My Generation

The Magic of Found Objects

The Iliad at Bedtime

¡Viva La Literatura!

Darn It!

No, It’s Not Political Incorrectness

Doing it Themselves

Correspondences and Convergence (“Chicks Can’t Dig!”)

Krishna’s Butterball

All the World’s a Stage

Against the Grain



  1. josna, hoping you are okay? of course we will patiently stand by until you resume. smiles. best season’s greetings, sabine

    • Thank you, dear, and warmest wishes of the season to you, too. I am okay, just feeling the world pressing in on me and trying to find the inner resources to step out and meet it. x J

  2. It is with great reluctance that I hit the like button. I have truly enjoyed your posts and always awaited them with eager anticipation. Yes, life can be very demanding. Of course, wishing you the best with all future endeavors.

  3. Will miss you Josna. Wish you all the best for your (I hope) temporary break .I must thank you for the introductions to Doris Lessing ( who fed the “scorpions in my head” expression to me) and Amitav Ghosh who is currently re-informing me of the British in Asia.Warm regards and, if you allow me.. Much Love.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Asghar. Ah, two of my very favorites, DL (as we affectionally call her in our household) and the incomparable Amitav Ghosh. (BTW, I’m following his blog and Twitter feed while waiting for his next major work.) You were the first regular reader & commenter on Tell Me Another whom I didn’t know beforehand, and I’ve so enjoyed and benefitted from our exchanges over the past few years. Much love back to you, and to your family.

  4. I understand so well. Take your break and hope to see you back soon, reinvigorated.

    • Thank you, Kristin. I hope so, too. Rather than taking away from the sum total of my energy, Tell Me Another has actually given me energy, so this is an experiment. I’ve become addicted to it in a sense, so am starting to feel withdrawal symptoms already; fortunately, too busy to dwell on them! The hope is to focus some of that energy on other tasks, at least for a while. Of course I am continuing to follow Finding Eliza. Thank you, too, for your good wishes and thoughtful comments over the past 3+ years. I’ve really valued our conversations and hope they will pick up again before long. Warm wishes to you and your family over the holidays.

  5. May your break be brief and productive. Your many fans will miss you.

    • Thank you, dear McNance. I’m trying to work on the productive part. And it feels good to be missed; I love your comments; whether they’re on South Asia, art, family, they’re always spot-on and make me smile. xxo J

  6. Good you have your priorities right though of course we shall all miss you. Thank goodness there are several missed posts for me to catch up with! Have a wonderful break, however long it may be.

    • Thank you for your support of my resolution, which is easier to make than to carry out! I have a number of your posts to catch up on too; so they will give me some enjoyable reading (and suggestions for further reading) this winter. Always love and look forward to your comments; warm wishes and I’ll be back, at some point.

  7. I will miss you great posts, Josna. Hope you can return before too long refreshed and ready to face all the stresses.

    • Thank you kindly, Linda. I always enjoy receiving your thoughtful comments from the Australian time zone. I have a lot of your posts to catch up on, and look forward to reading them over our winter–as you approach mid-summer. Be well, J

  8. Yes. I understand this Josna. You must follow your soul’s imperative.
    Love and best wishes.
    E x

  9. I shall, of course, miss you. But I understand how you feel. To be honest, i too have been feeling that I need to step away from my blog and compile all those Memoirs on the blog into a book. In fact, I actually downloaded all the content into a single file.

    However, I haven’t done got to editing and laying it out yet.

    Good luck with the break. I hope, selfishly, that it’s a short one.. 🙂

  10. Dearest friend, Taking a break is very wise. God bless and keep you strong and safe.
    Your blog community will be waiting here when you return, I feel sure.

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