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329. Zapf, Zubaan, Zinc-etching, Zzzzz . . .

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atoz [2015] - BANNER - 910

AChancery1Herman Zapf
is a German typeface designer (b. 1918) who has brought us fifty typefaces, most famously, Optima (1948) and Palatino (1952). More recently, he designed Zapf Chancery (1979) and the calligraphic face Zapfino (1998). He taught for a time at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the U.S., and two of his students from RIT went on to design the Lucida font.



Zubaan is an independent feminist publishing house based in New Delhi that publishes academic books, fiction, memoirs and popular nonfiction, as well as books for children and young adults under their Young Zubaan imprint. In 1984, Urvashi Butalia and Ritu Menon co-founded Kali for Women, India’s first feminist publishing company. After twenty distinguished years, they each decided to form their own publishing houses, with Ritu Menon creating Women Unlimited and Urvashi, Zubaan.

Its website gives us the lowdown on the choice of name:
Zubaan is a Hindustani word meaning tongue, voice or language. It is often used in a pejorative sense to refer to ‘women’s talk’, or ‘gossip’ – generally for women who talk too much! We are proud to reclaim the term on behalf of all those whose voices are silenced or marginalized by the mainstream, and will continue to be heard no matter others say.

10628563_10204048646551911_4099495178118236007_nKristin, writer of the sterling genealogy blog, Finding Eliza, suggested zinc-etching to me when I was stumped for Z. Now I’ve run out of steam and am too tired to research the process, so I simply attach the old graphic she sent me,

with grateful thanks.

And now,



Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

Tell Me Another (Contents to Date)

Chronological Table of Contents

atoz [2015] - BANNER - 910

  1. Excellent ending! Hats off to you for getting through, yaar…

  2. […] 329. Zapf, Zubaan, Zinc-etching, Zzzzz . . . (G) […]

  3. Congratulations on getting through the A to Z Challenge, Josna!
    I have learned quite a bit about printing related things through your posts and have enjoyed doing so. 🙂

  4. Yay! I used to use zinc plates when I was doing intaglio. We would etch them in an acid bath after blocking out the parts we didn’t want etched using a variety of methods that gave different results. Totally ignorant of the commercial use.

    • Here am I a month later just noticing that I never thanked you–for the tip for Z and for your interesting and well-informed comments throughout the month. (What a long time ago it seems now!) Your printmaking is yet another area of your creative talents.

  5. Congratulations on making it to the end. You picked an interesting topic for letter Z and I especially loved the adorable photo of the baby snoozing !

    Melissa Sugar
    Twitter @msugar13

  6. Well done Josna. Quite a challenge. I could only read the first paragraph of each episode (without logging in) on my phone – but it has been quite a feat.

  7. Well done! Now, onward and upward!

    • Thank you, Marianne. And yes, time to wrap up my semester and turn to other important things–like booking my flight to our reunion! I will write or call v. soon. xxx

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