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TMA in 2014: Year in Review

In Notes on January 11, 2015 at 3:40 pm


Looking back on the Tell Me Another stories of 2014, it seems to me that they include fewer of the simple anecdotes of the early years and more rambling reflections on a theme. I miss the anecdotes (perhaps I’m running out of them, though I hope not) but enjoy exploring the larger themes.

What is going to be well received, and why, is still a bit of a mystery to me. Publishing a new story regularly is generally a good thing to maintain one’s readership, but it does seem to be the case that when I post very often (as I did in April during the A-to-Z daily challenge), each of the posts gets fewer visits. Over the course of the year I posted 56 new stories, so aside from the one frenetic month in April, that makes one every 10 days or so, on average.

I’ve listed the year’s stories below in order of the number of recorded page views for each one, starting with the most-read story. As I said, I never can tell when a story is going to be popular, and some of my personal favorites are in the bottom half. Also, WordPress doesn’t record the page views accurately, because visitors can read all three posts on TMA’s front page with only one page view being recorded, and visitors can also scroll through the archives or find a story through an internet search without their showing up as page views.

What this list leaves out altogether is the fact that many of my older stories continue to be popular, so that the top third (98 out of a total of 295) of my most-read stories of all time does not include a single story posted in 2014.

But most of the above is just my silly obsession with “stats.” Before the busyness of the new teaching term takes hold, and with TMA approaching its fifth anniversary in February, I’m wondering—as I find myself doing every year around this time—where it’s going and whether or not I ought to continue it in its present form or start doing something completely different. I suppose that remains to be seen. TMA more-or-less happened to me, and I’ve run with it for all this time. If it has now become a habit, I’m not sure whether I want to kick it up a notch, kick it altogether, or, as my friend Anna suggested, take a quantum leap.

Thanks to all of you, particularly my regular readers. I learn a great deal from you, delight in corresponding with you, and for those of you who are bloggers, enjoy reading your work as well. Best wishes for the new year.

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  1. Hi Josna
    I also have rather an obsessive interest in the stats page (the old one). I mostly like to see who – as in which countries – have been viewing my posts. I do wish that more countries, other than the US and the UK, were viewing them. I feel that is better for this. You can put a ‘translation widget’ in the side bar and, when I did, I had views from all over the world. However, looking at the map of the world on your post, it looks like the spread of your readership is far greater than mine. E

  2. Wondering where your quantum leap would take you and us too.

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