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263. Quiet

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atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910


Sometimes it’s best to be quiet, best simply to be.

During this month of traveling, between the endless security checks at airports, the efforts to make oneself understood in a new language, the encounters and introductions, and the excited reunions with old friends and relations, there have been interludes of quiet.

This morning is one such blessed time. Outside my window, under an overcast sky, a breeze freshens the leaves and branches of the tall garden hedge, setting them all astir. A fine rain slants down like grace.

Today, instead of more words, I offer images. Wishing you peace, and the quiet through which renewal can arise.






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atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910

  1. Very tranquil xxx tyxxx

    • Thank you, Lesley. I’ve been really grateful for tranquility on this trip as well as the inevitable excitement. And everything has been so beautiful this month. xxx

  2. All very peaceful. And what a field of dandalions! I have a photo of my then 11 year old daughter lying in a field like that when we were in Norway.

  3. I’ve stopped by for a bit of quiet. I figured England wouldn’t let you leave without a good dose of cold and damp. Well how else to keep the greenery so lush, the flowerings so profuse? Lovely photos, these – especially the path by the water – so inviting : )

    • Yes, one can’t have so much green without paying for it! I love the first photo too–that one was taken in Bremen, Germany and the rest in Worcestershire, England. Thank you for visiting, and here’s to keeping calm!

  4. Beautiful images Josna. They make me long for England. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Don. The first photo–I ought to have labeled it–was taken in Bremen, Germany, but yes, the rest are in England. It’s been good to be out of London for much of the visit this time.

  5. Perfect!

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