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In Notes on July 17, 2013 at 12:30 pm
(photo © Denis De Desmaeker via flickr)

(photo © Denis De Desmaeker via flickr)

Greetings from a heatwave in this part of the Northwest fringes of Planet Earth! Since I am in the throes of making a mega-batch of chickpea curry (see Cookbooks, Immigrants, and Improvisation) for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary party, and since Tell Me Another  has a number of new subscribers, I’m posting links to 25 earlier pieces that you might not have seen. New readers, you can also scroll through the stories by category at the bottom of TMA‘s homepage; here are stories related in some way to Music, for example, or to Immigration, or India. Apologies to those of you who have followed TMA from the beginning; I’ll be back in a few days.


Oh, and the first story is in honor of my parents’ anniversary.

Get Me to the Church on Time
Thanda Thanda Pani or, You Never Miss Your Water…
Pheasants and Apple Chutney
O, Oh, and the Wonderful O
Just Empty Your Mind
Con Men, Card Sharks, and Playing a Different Game
Balancing my Three Halves
Sighting in New Mexico
The Pagli and the Tramp
Tree Elf
Common Sense
What’s in a Name?
Life on the Low Wire
Censorship at Bedtime
Tennessee Stud
Jam Today
The Iliad at Bedtime
Watching the River Flow
At the Gates of Dawn

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  1. 60th Wedding anniversary! Now that’s quite something. May you all celebrate well and congratulations to your parents, Josna.

  2. I wondered what happened to you! I figured you were off on a vacation with no internet. Is that possible these days?

    • It’s nice to be missed. Oh, for a vacation with no internet! (Actually, I hope to be going to an island in ME for a couple of days next week.)
      Throughout most of the 3+ years I’ve been keeping up Tell Me Another I’ve posted once every week or so (or about every two weeks, during the academic year). Then in April I signed up for the one-post-per-day challenge and somehow managed to do it (at the expense of a lot else). Since then I’ve been back to once a week; but I’ve noticed that hard-core bloggers try to post every few days; don’t know if I can keep up with that pace.
      Thanks for writing. I read your last questionnaire post and meant to reply, then something distracted me. I will try to return to it after my parents’ party. Did you get enough feedback on what to write about next?

      • I got one vote for each…. so looks like I’ll just have to write them all! I just don’t get the time to write more often. Day job and amazing amount of work that has not been done in months just keeps piling up and taking me away.

        I wish I could write more often, but I seem to agonize over every post, yes,I still do. And the off the cuff, stream of consciousness types people don’t get; like this one about the shallowness of modern life, where all I see in the news is nonsense about some “celebrity”. There was also this post about fame

        Enjoy the anniversary celebrations. Best wishes to your parents.

        • I know what you mean, and sympathize, about the day job and the work piling up. In my case, I push off that late work even further to write the new blog posts. Somehow I am driven to write, and start going into withdrawal when I don’t. I like the topics of your posts and your wry sense of humor. Agonizing is okay; it means you have high standards. Just try not to make them so impossibly high that you never write. Your readers are looking forward to your next post. Thanks for the good wishes. It was a lovely event, and my parents were very happy. The fridge and freezer are still overflowing with food, and it’s taking all my willpower not to dig into some delicious-looking laddus that one of our relatives made for my Dad.

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