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203. Ultra

In Books, Stories, Words & phrases, writing on April 25, 2013 at 12:34 am
Ford Super Deluxe V8 (

Ford Super Deluxe V8 (

In my childhood we used super to refer to something especially big, or good, or powerful. When we really needed a super superlative, there was the reduplicative super-duper. There was lots of super-modern talk about sub-atomic particles and super-atomic bombs; and, of course, Superman. The advertising industry always needs to go one bigger and better, so they brought us super deluxe. But to express the extremes of the age, its unimaginable depths as well its over-the-top heights, we began to use ultra.

Ultra, the multi-alien (

Ultra, the Multi-Alien (

Ultra has been around since the early nineteenth century when it was used to refer to the extreme right in France, the ultra-royalists, and ever since, it has been used to describe rabid extremes or extremists, ultra-conservatives, for example. In the Second World War, apparently, Ultra was a code name used to refer to ultra-top-secret decrypted information from the enemy. John Burgess coined the term ultra-violence to refer to the gratuitous violence in his dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange (1962).



The A to Z Challenge is the ne plus ultra of blogging; nevertheless, with five letters to go, I am bushed, done in, gutted, knackered, and ultra-exhausted.

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  1. Always so informative Josna – ultra appreciative.

  2. Yes. I was going to ask you how you felt after about 25 solid days of writing. You have remained admirably lucid. I am feeling a little jaded myself but,luckily, nothing is happening in my own little world until Friday!

    • When Austen+ is coming and things will be hotting up!
      Thank you. Yes, this has all come at a particularly hectic time of year.

    • How you manage to keep writing those detailed and amazingly lucid pieces–and on a daily basis–I don’t know. I like your idea to just use photos next time. I can’t even think of a next time!

  3. Ditto … tired – done – ultra-fried … need a rest from blogging.

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