Josna Rege

To TMA Subscribers

In Notes on April 21, 2013 at 10:36 am

This is to apologize for the incomplete and embarrassingly error-riddled version of my most recent post which, as followers of Tell Me Another, you may have received in your email or e-reader. As you may be aware, I am tethered to a one-a-day blog challenge for the month of April and, as midnight loomed with my post still un-proofread and un-illustrated, I panicked and pressed Publish anyway. Regretted it immediately, but of course it was too late. If you want to read a cleaned-up version please go to TMA‘s homepage or directly to Roots, Rock, Reggae.

I should be following my own advice (see Brevity) and keeping the daily posts this month brief. But although Reggae was the obvious and unquestionable subject for R, I couldn’t do justice to it so hastily. I will need to return to it  one of these days, in a more I-tal riddim, a more leisurely pace, befitting the spirit of Reggae.

On another note, “Roots, Rock, Reggae” was the 200th story on Tell Me Another.

  1. rrright on, and hang in there… bine

  2. I know the feeling all too well. Only 8 more letters to go!

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