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The Lower 48

In Notes on January 25, 2013 at 9:03 am

The stories below include some of my personal favorites, but they show up on Tell Me Another’s stats page as the 48 least read. I thought I’d list them here, each accompanied by an explanatory by-line.

118. Racist Bracist
A troubling visit to the orthodontist when my son was young

8. Bad Role Model
How to respond when a policeman pulls you over for a traffic violation

151. Correspondences and Convergence (“Chicks Can’t Dig!”)
Vedanta philosophy and my life

12. Following the Elephant Spoor
A story from my childhood in Hijli

71. Simply Paying Attention
My mother’s explanatation of ESP

93. Snowed In
When the weather forces one to stay home

130. Orwellian Jingles
Reading Nineteen Eighty-Four through a playground chant

155. Saving my Bacon
The guilty pleasures of sausages and bacon

83. A Clear, Cold New England Day
Remembering the day we came to America

160. Dogfight
My experience of the Indo-Pak War of 1965

22. Mushrooming and Berry-Picking
Traditional knowledge imparted to me by my mother-in-law

32. My Wrestling Career
Short-lived, thank goodness!

149. Get Me to the Church on Time*
Remembering my dear Uncle Bill

153. Piecing It All Together
The joys of jigsaw puzzles

30. Land of Enchantment
Happy memories of a sojourn in New Mexico

58. Southbound
Two bus journeys with a whiff of the Jim Crow South

88. Sisters, Pick Up Your Sisters
Hitch-hiking used to be common, but no more; I suggest reviving an old campaign.

121. The Taste of Home
Besan laddus bring solace at a time of loss.

68. Frittered!
Recalling a culinary disaster in my childhood

146. Life on the Low Wire
Life for child circus performers

16. Tree Elf
My secret childhood identity

90. “Almost a Dude”
Children are often in such a hurry to grow up.

57. Toughening Up
Perhaps anticipating the rigors of adulthood, children often test themselves.

132. My Muddle, My Life
I’m constitutionally messy.

162. “Heuch, Heuch!” (and other family lingo)
Every family has its private sayings: I share some of ours.

156. Just Empty your Mind
Simple, right?

124. A Meditation on Money
Reflections on my relationship with this world-oiling commodity

23. Brackish Water and Cherry Soda
Experiences in, and upon emerging from, New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness

161. Watching the River Flow
Sometimes I prefer to pull back and just watch the world go by.

51. Getting Out of Silver City
A hair-raising experience in Southern New Mexico

89. Make Love, Not Clockwork Devil-Doggery
My horror of movie violence

166. In the Bleak Midwinter
Needing to clear space for peace and love

165. What’s in a Name?
Traditionally, women must change their names upon marriage. My feelings about it.

150. The Phenomenon
The word “cockroach” is near-unmentionable for me.  Here’s why.

26. Dolls I Have Loved (and Lost)
Remembering beloved dolls (and teddy bears)

169. At the Gates of Dawn
Inspired by the January Thaw

45. A Macabre Imagination?
A lurid story I dreamed up at age eight

158. The Pagli and the Tramp
Rare instances of tolerance toward people on the margins of society

164. Pheasants and Apple Chutney
Exploits of a quirky housemate

48. Jaggery Coconut, Nectar of the Gods
A heavenly preparation by my father

17. Chickens on the Pot
A story of my mother’s from her evacuation during the Second World War

54. Flash
Remembering our dog

145. Just a little is enough
Considering the culture of excess

72. Learnin’ the Blues
The last course I took in college

167. Diary-keeping
Like many young girls, I kept a diary—sometimes.

168. The Fast-Wind Backwards
An early writing exercise

67. Fiasco on the 715
Failing a test of my maturity at fifteen

170. Sighting in New Mexico

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