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Some Stats at 50,000 Page Views

In Notes on November 3, 2012 at 4:08 pm

Tell Me Another has just topped 50,000 page views, so I thought I’d give you some more stats. Since the first story, on February 28, 2010, I’ve posted 162 more. To date, TMA has recorded visitors from 142 countries, has 69 followers (32 on WordPress, 37 by email), and now averages 100 page views per day. Here are 25 of my personal favorites; I’d love to know yours.

3. The Horn Player in the Cupboard

19. Lively Up Yourself

22. Mushrooming and Berry-Picking

26. Dolls I Have Loved (and Lost)

36. My Grandmother

37. Grandpa Victor and the Story of the Tomatoes

41. Eating for Four

42. The Times Tables

66. The Mango Room

65. Curb Your Enthusiasm: A Bedtime Story

71. Simply Paying Attention

73. Trouble

77. The Tea Tasting

78. October Rains

86. Bottled Sunshine

92. Cookbooks, Immigrants, and Improvisation

95. Sail On, Silver Girl

99. Paharganj, January 1984

104. Untangling

117. Personal Space, Indian-Style

123. That Funny Accent

128. The Kurta Joke

133. So Many Things Have Disappeared

141. The Yogi of Beals Street

149.  Get Me to the Church on Time

  1. I couldn’t say it better than Ann, so I’ll just say “ditto.” LOVE reading your posts, Josna. You’re one of the tiles on my home page when I get onto the Internet every day. xox


    • Thank you, Sarah. The feeling is mutual: I love reading your comments, in which you tell similar stories of different places and people in your family. Stories of Canadian train journeys, highland dancers, Christmas jigsaw puzzle traditions, Hungarian pastries, strange British foods and customs. . .all creating a ripple effect that I delight in. I also treasure the fact that my far-flung friends and family who comment on Tell Me Another can meet and respond to each other here, though they may not get a chance to meet in person. xo J


  2. This milestone reminds me how deeply I’ve enjoyed your posts. I’m moved by your appreciative and penetrating perspective. It’s love that drives your writing – not the fatuous, soft focus kind, but love that wonders and bends with humility to what you discover. Any writing is a mirror, but you take in the whole of the reflection, all other people and places and times, with such generosity.

    Thanks, Jo.


    • This is such a generous appreciation, Ann, that I’m utterly embarrassed (though also delighted, of course!). It’s I who should thank you, because equal to the pleasure of writing these stories has been the pleasure of hearing back and entering into exchanges with dear friends like you. Your comments have been so thoughtful and the memories you have shared have been luminous. I’m thinking now of your magical description of the hiding place you children made on the grounds of MacLean Hospital. xo Jo


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