Josna Rege

Audio, Anyone?

In Notes on August 15, 2010 at 6:54 pm

I had a lot of fun this morning learning how to create audio podcasts, and, with a great deal of help (thank you, Norah!), have managed to record one story. If you click on The Highlanders and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find a link to the audio version. Please do have a listen, and let me know whether you think I ought to make more Tell Me Another stories into podcasts.

  1. You have a good, clear voice for this sort of thing!
    I would encourage you to do a few more and you will gradually relax more and enjoy it yourself!
    I love this story and it takes me back to my early childhood when we lived in a small typical “Shillong style” house not far from the garrison grounds where many mornings and evenings we heard the bagpipes being practiced on the field by the Indian army marching bands.
    Thanks for the memory!

  2. Thank you for the bagpipe story, Marianne, and for the feedback. Yes, I thought my voice sounded rather too stiff in this one; I expect I’ll relax into the telling once I get more comfortable with the technology. xo J

  3. Audio is a great idea Jojo! I almost feel like sitting next to the fireplace in the winter and listening to your tales of adventure!

    Thank you so much for all your effort!!

  4. Thanks for your sweet feedback, Mayuri. And yes, I’m keen to make more recordings, but it may have to wait until closer to Wintertime, simply because the new academic year is looming, and a whole lot of work is demanding to be taken care of. Here’s to Summer, while it lasts! x J

  5. I like it — and so nice to hear the pipes! I’m sending the link to my family. Yes, keep on making podcasts. Who knows where it may lead? And if nothing else, it’s a lot of fun.

    • Thank you Sarah. Glad you like it, and delighted that you’re forwarding the link. This podcasting business involves a whole new set of skills, but is fascinating. And meanwhile, thanks to much more media-savvy friends, I’m discovering all these brilliant podcasts out there, produced by RadioLab and the Moth, among others. Can’t do any more until I get me a mic, and the varieties and brands and associated jargon make that a major undertaking. So much to learn!

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