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Tell Me Another 1-50

In Notes on June 8, 2010 at 10:02 am

Here’s a hyperlinked list of the 50 stories posted to date. I have added photos to many since I first posted them.  If you are moved to vote for your favorite(s), I’d love to hear from you.

1. Letting Go of the Clutch

2. The Leather Welding Jacket

3. The Horn Player in the Cupboard

4. The Tree House

5. Idolizing Princess Anne

6. Morse’s Supermarket

7. The Comic Shed

8. Bad Role Model

9. The Golden Boy

10. Ghosts of New Boston

11. The Napkin Collection

12. Following the Elephant Spoor

13. Paradise Lost

14. Everett the Ice Man

15. Humans—What a Bummer!

16. Tree Elf

17. Chickens on the Pot

18. Songlines

19. Lively Up Yourself

20. The Bay of Biscay and the Gully Gully Man

21. The Highlanders

22. Mushrooming and Berry-Picking

23. Brackish Water and Cherry Soda

24. Hidden Places

25. British TV, Fall of ‘63

26. Dolls I Have Loved (and Lost)

27. Rumpelstiltskin

28. Pre-dawn Adventures

29. Incident at the Donner Pass

30. Land of Enchantment

31. Gas-Station Shirts

32. My Wrestling Career

33. A Nice Bit of Spanish

34. His Master’s Voice

35. The Nation

36. My Grandmother

37. Grandpa Victor and the Story of the Tomatoes

38. Study Halls and Cinchona

39. Two at a Time

40. send my roots rain

41. Eating for Four

42. The Times Tables

43. From a Railway Carriage

44. Greece in the 60s: Expats and Other Animals

45. A Lurid Imagination?

46. My Ink-Smudged Youth

47. The Paper Round

48. Jaggery Coconut, Nectar of the Gods

49. Making Sense of the Movies

50. Learning How to Fold

  1. Josna, the first of your stories that I read was “Dolls that I have loved (and lost)”. I thought of it when you ask which is my favorite, because reading it whetted my appetite to read all the stories that preceded it and now I have read every story that has followed. I love each and every one of them. You are a wonderful writer and it is wonderful to hear all about your fascinating life. You have taken everyday moments and situations and revealed how they have formed the person that is you, adding many self-reflective details and historical perspective.

  2. Sorry – this is an impossible task. How to chose between …pre-dawn adventures, incident at donner pass, following the elephant spoor, everett the ice man, gas station shirts, dolls I have loved, and, and, and? No can do.
    But that is a good thing, right?

  3. Congrats on the 50th entry Jojo!! 🙂

    I’m afraid the situation is like Norah puts it- what if you are asked to choose the better one of two of your kids? 🙂

    Nonetheless, if I am made to pick favorites at gunpoint 😀
    I love the boarding school stories (vicarious pleasures probably)…
    the Dolls collection, and the Boston speeding ticket snippet.
    and these are even without browsing through your hyper linked list.
    Go figure 🙂

    Thanks for these stories- looking forward to many more..

    • Dear Anna, Norah, and Mayuri, Thank you for your votes of confidence (if not for a particular favorite!). You’ve practically named a top ten between the three of you. As a character said in The Magic Pudding (a favorite book of my childhood), Your gallant words have fired my blood. xo J

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