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Some Stats and a Slowdown

In Notes on March 22, 2010 at 2:50 am

I have been keeping this blog for 23 days now, and have just posted my 28th story. I’m loving it. First thing in the morning I’m writing a new story, and last thing at night, planning the next one. More than a dozen friends and family members have subscribed, and more than two dozen of you have responded with comments and memories of your own—thank you.  According to WordPress Stats, the blog has had more than a thousand page views (yes, checking one’s “stats” can easily become addictive). But now Spring Break is over and the semester has caught up with me. I’m going to keep writing, but will have to slow down to just two or three entries a week, at least until the summer. Please keep visiting and posting your comments; I’ll be back.

  1. So Jo the ‘honeymoon ‘ period is over..but what a delight to wake in the morning to find a new collection of memories and thoughts that conjure up the experience of being a child moving on and through the experiences of life … reading the stories i find myself inside the story seeing and smelling the elephant spoor with excitement welling up inside, feeling the sweet satisfaction of being back at home in bed and able to drift back off to sleep, adventures over the moment at least.. so roll on next term break .. we await your return

    • Thank you, Jacky. It’s doubly delightful for me, first to recall and reflect on the experience and then to hear back from a whole network of family and friends sharing their own memories and stories. I didn’t want to stop writing and risk losing momentum, and so even now I’m going to try to post the odd entry in spare moments. xJ

  2. Funny – I was thinking about this very issue this AM. Spring break is over I said and then a number of random realizations flitted through my head and one was ” Aha! that was why probably a major factor in Josna’s wonderfully prolific postings.” We enjoyed your spring break very much. Reading each post was like a mini vacation. Thank you! And will wait for summer with baited breath.
    Avanti, populo!

    • I enjoyed my Spring Break too–though now I’m paying the price with a mountain of still-unfinished grading! Further on in the same song: O proletari, alla riscossa…Il frutto del lavoro a chi lavora andrà. I guess there’s no getting around work. Looking forward to the Slam of Slams next month.

  3. “yes, checking one’s “stats” can easily become addictive” Stats are fine just so you don’t start googling yourself AND over sharing about it in public – eeeeeew. ;-0

  4. Jo, these have been delectable treats. No matter what my day has held, your voice has started them with a respite and an adventure. Your writing is sure and balanced and colorful. So I look forward to your pieces, however frequent. Just know your audience is wishing you well.

  5. I had envisioned this lull would come once the break is done so I
    somehow paced myself with one story a day 😀
    I guess the surplus will let me not feel the pinch too badly

    Happy working and looking forward to many more stories! 🙂

    • Happy working to you, too, Mayuri. I know that April is a busy month for you. Yes, I know I was posting too many back there–Nikhil told me to pace myself and hold some in reserve, but I didn’t listen! See you soon, I hope. xx Josna

  6. You have at least one student who’s hooked too, and has added you to his Google Reader feed. 🙂 Your stories make for a great read during my breakfast break at work – Ann’s “delectable treats” description is quite fitting!

    • Shounak! Praise from you is praise indeed. Happy Spring, and trust you’ll find other reading over breakfast. x J PS Are you still writing poetry?

  7. I do hope you keep writing, considering that you have a substantial fan following to cater to. Your blogs were the only bit of fun I had in what was otherwise a very dull and cold spring break. But now that the weather is getting better; I can do with one or two a week. If not, I am planning on initiating a ‘Coax the Scribe Campaign’!

    • Oh no, anything but being the target of a campaign spearheaded by you! I surrender in advance! Thanks for the appreciative reading, Pinu, and all your lively posts.

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